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Alternative / islamic Finance

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Stay ahead with a qualification that covers Islamic finance from both a technical and a Shariah perspective.
This introductory Islamic banking and Waqf Training program are designed to teach delegates the principles of Islamic Banking, finance and Waqf (Islamic Endowment). It explores the different products and services of the Islamic banking industry and provides insights into the world of Waqf studies. By the end of the course, the delegates will have a full understanding of Islamic Finance industry, the concept and application of Waqf, and the principles involved in the alternative Banking system and how they differ from the traditional one.

Certficate, diploma

Certificate of attendance if 80% of class attendance

Target group

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is developed to cater for industry professionals who wish to gain knowledge in certain areas of practice.
Anyone seeking a basic understanding of the nature and form of Islamic Banking



None, although a basic knowledge of conventional banking and the financial services industry would be helpful.

Course One: Certificate in Islamic Banking and Finance
1. Islamic Banking and Finance: Past, Present and Future.
- General overview of the industry of Islamic banking and finance.
- History, current status and the future prospects of the Islamic banking and finance industry as a whole.
2. The Fundamental Principles of Islamic Banking and Finance.
- The fundamental rules and principles of Islamic Banking.
- Detailed analysis of the primary sources of Shariah, Islamic jurisprudential rules
- The premises of relevant Shariah rulings applicable to Islamic banking products and services.
3. Products, Structures and Mechanism in Islamic Banking and Finance.
- The common Islamic banking products types, their structures and mechanism.
- How the products of Islamic banking are developed and executed?
- The Islamic money market and treasury products
4. Fundamentals of Sukuk (Islamic alternative to Bond)
-Introduction of the fundamentals of Sukuk by touching on its various forms and categories,
- The features and how Sukuk are structured compared to conventional Bonds
5. Fundamentals of Takaful and Re-takaful (Islamic Insurance)
- Overview of the Takaful and re-takaful
- The features and characteristics of takaful vis-à-vis conventional insurance
6. Fundamentals of Shariah-Compliant Stocks and Funds
- The key Shariah requirements of Stock screening from a Shariah perspective
- The features and characteristics of a Shariah-compliant fund
7. Islamic Forex Trading
- A comprehensive understanding of Islamic Forex
- The Shariah rules, principles and guidelines applicable to trading currencies
8. Islamic Trade Finance
- Depth analysis of Islamic trade finance instruments:
- Islamic letter of credit
- Islamic trust receipt
- Islamic import and export finance and documentary collection etc...
Course Two: Certificate in Waqf (Islamic Endowment) Studies
1. Understanding the Nature and Significance of Waqf (Islamic Endowment) in Shariah
- A comprehensive picture of Waqf, its historical origin, its theoretical framework
- The Shariah significance, its nature, mechanism and working models
2. The Role and Relevance of Waqf in the Islamic History
-How Waqf has played very crucial role in the socio-economic history of Islamic societies,
how waqf has assumed a renewed significance in the modern era across the globe
3. Waqf versus English Trust: A Comparison
- Comparison and Contrast of the concept, framework, mechanism and structures of Waqf versus English trust
- Critical information on the factors of effectiveness for the two institutions.
- Practical knowledge of how a charitable versus private Waqf and trust function.
4. Waqf in the Context of Islamic Finance
- An overview of how Waqf is relevant to Islamic finance industry,
- Features and functions of Waqf and Islamic finance
5. Shariah-based Corporate Governance of Waqf
- A detailed description of how modern Waqf can evolve into a corporation like entity,
- How the framework of corporate governance for Waqf can be developed.
6. Waqf, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Maqasid al-Shariah
- The potentials of Waqf in contributing towards the sustainable development...
- Teaching methods
- Virtual classroom lectures and interactive practical workshop format intended to affirm the earning objectives.


5 weeks long, 1h30 x 3 a week
A date will be proposed from 6 people registered, training is done on request.


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  • Level : ( 22 hours )
  • Trainer : Dr. Mohammad Abdullah
Price : 350

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