About Us

About us

Welcome Centre Avicenne

Center Avicenne Luxembourg
Approved educational training center which aims to promote knowledge and sustainable development.


Center Avicenne Luxembourg is a training organization approved by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education and holder of the quality label. Our essential vocation is the teaching of languages, social cohesion, and the management of sustainable development projects and circular economy

We also organize:

- French lessons (literacy levels, A1, A2)
- Luxembourgish courses

- Arabic Calligraphy Course
Educational training for aspiring teachers of the Arabic language to non-Arabic speakers

- Business Arabic
- Introductory course in alternative and Islamic finances

- Economics (upon request)
- Languages
- Human resources (upon request)
- Political science (upon request)
Organize training in your company, targeted to your specific needs, or join our courses open to the public. Contact us for further information. We will be happy to welcome you and meet your needs.

- Beginning of the training activity in 2012
- 13 permanent trainer(s)
- 340 participant(s) per year
- 5 occasional trainer(s)
- 260 hours of training per year
- 5 course(s) on the site